Last Lap

Published on Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 by lizzie

It’s end Sep; our wedding is in 3 mths, Ty is in the midst of his final exams and I’m mentally ticking off all the things to be done / prepared for the wedding. We are at the last lap of our 6-yr long -distance relationship and like in a marathon, the last lap is always the most taxing. It is good that Ty gives me free rein (most of the time) in the wedding preparations. I wouldn’t want to bother him excessively on minor details like the colour of the tablecloth, not when he’s already so stressed with his exams. While there are still many uncertain things ahead like where Ty will work after graduation or finding a house, it helps that we have each other as an anchor. It is just amazing how well we get along despite being opposite sides of a coin and that is something that I would never take for granted.


Published on Friday, September 14th, 2012 by Tien Yew

I think all in all lizzie and I have been quite lucky.  I’m just about to finish med school and we’ll finally be married.  Not too many long distance relationships have survived for 6 years and I think we’ve been really fortunate – to have found each other, to have had the means fly across countries to see each other so often, to have had the luxury of living together for a whole year, to have the benefit of unlimited Skype calls and then FaceTime, finally giving us relatively stable video calls.  I’m not saying it hasn’t been hard, but it truly hasn’t been hard being in love with her. We may not have much in common but oh how we get along!

We’ve come so far.

From here so long ago...

To our wedding...

And beyond...


Published on Monday, April 23rd, 2012 by lizzie

Ty has been nagging me (for years literally) to start blogging again, esp during Aug 2010 and May 2011 when I was in Sydney for a super long break; in other words: unemployed. But time indeed does go by in the twinkle of an eye. In the 10 months that I was in Sydney, we basically made up for lost time – all those years apart. Other than having to learn how to cook and clean, I also had a tough time trying to make use of all that time on my hands. I did pick up jewellery making or rather experimented with it after watching videos on youtube. Still, those months flew by and by May 11, I had to return to Singapore to find a job.

I was sad to leave Ty but I also missed home and my family and friends. Coming back was tough – It was like being back to the rat race and I was frantic to get a job, plus I had to face the prospect of maintaining our long-distance relatiosnhip again. Nevertheless, I do believe every cloud has a silver lining. On a fine Sunday morning in Sep 11, I had an unexpected guest: Ty, whom I thought was still in Sydney, appeared in my room (with the help of the entire family) right after I stepped out to go to the bathroom. When I saw him, I was stunned (confused even, for a moment); when he took out a small box, I knew; when he got down on one knee, my eyes glazed; when he proposed, I bawled and went speechless. Till today, he still tells me that I never answered his question; I merely nodded and yes, I stuck out my hand while he fumbled to put the ring on haha. Since then, I’ve been on cloud nine and am really excited on planning the wedding. I’ll prob post a later blog on wedding plans when things start to unfold faster. I’ll write more about our holidays to Hokkaido and the exotic island of New Caledonia the next time. :)


Published on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 by Tien Yew

So it’s been more than 2 years since anyone’s last posted anything on this blog.  Liz and I haven’t died but life has just robbed us of time to write.  We’re still very much together and we’ve been through so many things these years that we could never have imagined when we decided that we would be together that night 6 years 5 months 4 days ago.  We had lived together in Sydney for a year till the job situation pulled her back to Singapore and on 11/9/2011 we decided to spend the rest of our lives together.  The wedding will be held by the end of the year and we can’t wait!

We’ve also visited a number of places in the past few years in Australia, Japan and just recently, New Caledonia.  It’s been an incredible journey which isn’t ending anytime soon.


Published on Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 by lizzie

I’m usually nodding off during my bus journey to work but this morning, I was unable to sleep…lost in a sea of melancholic thoughts. As I passed by the Esplanade and saw the white ‘wish balls’ floating on the surface of the water, I kinda realized that a year had passed since Ty and I stood under the fireworks last New Year’s Eve, watching those very same balls glowing with changing colours, carying the wishes of thousands of people. I recalled that exact moment when 2008 was gone forever and 2009 was filled with uncertainty and difficulties..not just about the economy and my job, but also of us…of another year apart…of all the long painful separations and fleeting reunions.

3 years into this long-distance relationship and the journey gets increasingly difficult, as the times we have together get progressively shorter. Its like scaling a mountain (not that I’ve actually scaled one…); the higher you climb, the steeper it gets and with each step you take breathing becomes so difficult.  Of course we get to rest once in a while…but hardly enough to catch our breaths back.  You just have to trudge on but you can’t do anything to make the climb easier or to make the bitter cold go away. It’s hard not to be frustrated when so many things are beyond your control.

All we can do is to store all these fleeting moments we have….Painstakingly we collect all these and keep them in our memories…and hope that they are enough to last the long winter ahead. Fessa sum sed pergo quo te amo.


Published on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 by Tien Yew

I’ve been trying to write for some time but I haven’t had much of an opportunity.  I’ve never written much but it’s always been a pleasure to pen things down however inane.  Phase 2 of medicine is more intense than I expected but manageable nevertheless.  SH has just begun, but looking at the things we will cover, I’m hoping I’ll have a bit more time for myself.  I’ve been working non-stop since studying for EOP in the beginning of this year and my mind is screaming for a break.  I obviously haven’t reached breaking point yet but it of course might be that I’ve not been pushing myself too hard.

I can’t wait for summer when I get back.

Whenever I have time to catch my breath, my thoughts turn to lizzie…  Tū semper in animō es nec diēs sine tē est quō nōn miser sum.  Cum tantum herī mē relīquistī, tē maximē careō ac diēs ubi tēcum fuī maximē dēsīderō.  Nōn possum exspectāre tē iterum vidēre!  Diēs numerō.

Fābula Amōris

Published on Friday, August 14th, 2009 by Tien Yew

Cōnātus sum in latīnam vertere hoc carmen nōmine “fābula amōris” ā Taylor Swift.  Sī errem, me paeniteat et sī tibi placeat, mē, quaesō, corrigās.

iuvenēs fuimus prīmum cum tē vīdī
lumina claudō et meminisse
stāsse aestivā aurā mē.

vestīmenta lumina vīdisse
tē venientem per hominēs mē salūtantem
prīmum nescisse mē

tē esse romaeum, iacientem lapillōs,
dīcente patre “abī ab julietta”,
mē in ostiō lacrimīs petere nē, quaesō, abeās.

“romaee dūc ut possimus solī esse,
exspectābo, tantum’st nōbīs currere,
eris meum ūnicus, ero tuam ūnica,
haec est fābula amōris, care cōnsentī!”

in silvam īisse me clam ad te videndum,
quiēvisse, ut nescīverint istī,
“claude oculōs,
fuge abhinc paululum.”

tē esse romaeum, mē esse epistulam rubram,
dīcente patre “abī ab julietta”,
at omnia mī esse me petere nē, quaesō, abeās.

“romaee dūc ut possimus solī esse,
exspectābō, tantum’st nōbīs currere,
eris meum ūnicus, ero tuam ūnica,
haec est fābula amōris, care cōnsentī!”

“romaee servā mē dīcunt quid dēbem sentīre,
amor difficilis at hic est certus,
nē timuerīs, hōc labōre abibimus,
est fābula amōris, care consentī!”

mē fessam exspectāsse mirantem an tū vēnierīs,
fidem obscurātam esse at,
tibi obvēnisse me rūris.

“romaee servā mē, solam sentiēbam,
exspectābam at numquam veniēbas.
num in mente est, nesciō quid putem.”
procumbuisse et ostendisse ānulum:

“nūbē mē julietta, et iam sola numquam eris,
tē amō et sunt quae omnia vērē sciō,
dīxī patrem, et elige vestem albam,
haec est fābula amōris, cara cōnsentī!”

iuvenēs fuimus prīmum cum tē vīdī…

Spring in Sydney 2008

Published on Thursday, November 6th, 2008 by lizzie

It seemed like just yesterday that I travelled to Sydney on my own for the very first time…and now I’ve done that 4 times….and managed to smuggle in some chilli spices and curry paste for Ty. When I arrived at 10am on 25 Sep, it was a Thurs morning and Ty had tutorials till 12pm, so I was prepared to wait out. Still I had a gut feeling that it would not be so…and true enough when i cleared customs and exited, I scanned the sea of faces and I was not disappointed. He came forward with this bouquet of pink roses (this has happened 4 times everytime I visit him) and a huge pack of Malteses…it never fails to touch my heart…these little gestures. lizzies-3rd-trip-to-aussie-017.jpg

We went shopping that very afternoon. And I had a total damage of almost $200…oh well I’m on holiday. Still, Ty had an amazing well of patience for me…i literally had him weaving through those racks and racks of clothes with me. On Friday night, we went to see this play by his Med Society…a show of support for his ‘housemate’ who was one of the directors for the play. It was nice to meet his friends and finally put faces to names that I hear him saying all the time. I must say though that I kinda felt a little out of place….they were all young and vibrant and bubbly…and I couldnt help but feel a little jaded…I suppose when you start working it kinda has that effect on you. Plus with all that depressing news about the oncoming global recession…means my chances of getting a job in Sydney were slipping away by the minute. Depressing news aside… We headed for Nelson Bay (again) for 4 days, since we didn’t really had a chance to explore it when we went there in March cos our car broke down.

The weather was awesome. We stayed at the same place as we did in March…this cosy bed and breakfast place that had a private jacuzzi. We went for a dinner cruise that night and Ty ate so much he felt like puking…he said he had to eat his money’s worth of food (it was a buffet)…I was appalled. (-_-)’ It was a lovely night and we had dolphins swimming alongside the boat…too bad we forgot to bring our cam. We did however, managed to get some shots when we went whale watching the next day.


We were so thrilled when we saw the whales flapping their tails…and some people on the boat gushed that they were waving at us….then this whale expert on board the boat set us straight…Apparently when the females don’t want to mate with a particular male that approaches her, she slaps her tail (ahem.. the ‘waving’ at us part) to warn him to stay away.

We had dinner that night at Hog’s Breath, where Ty tucked into his avocado steak and I had some lamb. We washed it down with some good old alcohol.



Our third day at Nelson Bay was a truly lazy one…we took a 45min morning ferry across to the Tea Gardens. Now we heard the locals there saying that we have to visit the Tea Gardens but honestly we were a little disappointed when we reached there. It was just another sub-urb in Nelson Bay and other than a row of seafood restaurants along the ferry terminal, there was basically nothing there but residential houses. We walked across the Hawk’s Bridge which took us about half an hour. According to the GPS from Ty’s IPhone, it would take us ages to walk to the nearest beach. So we kinda headed back and just plonked ourselves at this restaurant that serves very good seafood! That was the saving grace…To think we almost missed the ferry that morning. The ferry dock was not the usual one where we always went for the other cruises and by the time we asked for directions, it was 3 minutes to 10am. They told us to run and we did. And I was still nursing a sprained ankle that gave way the day before I came to Sydney. We reached the ferry huffing and puffing. We were the last to board.

Early the next morning, after a full hearty breakfast, we left Nelson Bay for Sydney. We detoured a little to make a quick stop at the Medowie Macadaemia Farm where we bought loads of Macadaemias. Ty had been looking high and low for the wasabi flavoured macadaemias which couldn’t be found easily in Sydney. And was he delighted when he found them there. :) We had a smooth journey and reached Sydney by 2pm. That night, Ty cooked curry with the belachan chilli that he made using my mum’s recipe. Yummy! I’m such a lucky gal. :P

The next few days past by with a flash…we (or rather I) shopped more and TY got me hooked on the book “Last Lecture” by Andy Pausch. I not just read the book…I dripped on it too..guess I’m a real softie at heart. No matter how much I prepare myself when it was time to go, the real thing always leaves a lump in my throat. Its a sucky feeling having to board the plane alone and knowing that it was a separation and not a reunion. Still, in time to come, Ty would be home. :)

Obama Amābō!

Published on Wednesday, November 5th, 2008 by Tien Yew

Obama, scīlicet, herī regnum Americae Foederatae accēpit et mox prīmus honor illīus terrae, immō totī orbis, eī, Āfricānō Americānō, erit.  Sed omnēs dē hāc rē scrībēbant et ego nōlō plūs inquināre.  Scītisne, autem, dē palindrome ‘obama’?  Id vocābulum in ‘amabo’ mūtārī potest!  Fingere, igitur, possumus, tempore antīquō Obama praeter sententiā ‘verō, possumus’, etiam ‘Obama amābō’ ūsus sit!  Cognōvistisne etiam nātūram ‘PALINdrome’?  Quam bene haec comitia fuērunt!

Gratiās hominibus ē forō ‘textkit’ ob talēs nūgās quae semper mē dēlectant dum ‘industriē’ studeō.

In Principio erat Verbum

Published on Sunday, August 31st, 2008 by Tien Yew

I’m so vexed. My internet’s capped so even if I wanted to do work, I can’t… I am speaking of my gen ed course, which I have totally lost interest in, by the way, even though I’m anxious to get my weekly contribution done – mostly because if not, I’d fail or something bad. Note to self: no more stupid online courses. The course is called “Science and Religion” by the way, and the lectures are fine, some are really informative, some are interesting, but some are just trivial… My ‘beef’ (it’s been so long) has really been with the discussions which everyone’s supposed to take part in. Rather than an exchange of ideas, it’s become a chaotic slinging of mud. The tutorial group’s been polarised in to fundamentalist numbskulls and supposedly rational atheist nincompoops. One groups jumps on the other’s heresy and the another on the other’s idiocy. There’s a sort of childishness to all this – ‘I think I’m right, because I know I’m right, therefore I’m right’, and the ad hominems do nothing for each of their cases.

I assumed university students would have intellects befitting of university students, obviously, but apparently I was wrong. In principio creavit Deus caelum et terram eh, stulte? I wonder qui creator creatorem creaverit. Idem est praeter argumentum, quod vobis non est, caudices. Sex diebus mundus factus est a deo omnipotente? Malo vero credere Bob inepto ac dumbo, stulto ac asso qui tantum tempus perdidit mundum creandum…

I, however, would so love to read the Vulgata (and I want to get the new red hardcover with gold lettering edition) for its poetry and because it’s much lighter reading than say the Aeneid… But then it’s so expensive and no bookstore seems to carry it besides the shops in the Vatican, I believe… Which brings me to things I’d like to have, some of which haven’t been introduced to the market yet…

1. A brain chip for the storing of knowledge with or without an interface to the internet.
2. An ocular implant for page scanning.
3. E-Paper with colour for eBook reading.
4. All the books in the world in PDF format for abovementioned eBook reading, fully indexed and searchable.
5. A personal robotic assistant, i.e. a talking R2-D2.

So if anyone has any leads, please drop me a line…