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Mental blank-out on Stage

Published on June 13, 2006

It was raining last sunday. In addition to the cold and gloom, was the usual inertia one felt when the weekend?was ending. We had already performed on sat night for the Summer Dance Fit that was held outside the indoor stadium. We had just one more to go that Sunday evening, to end off the [...]

Back From the Break!

Published on June 4, 2006

Yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and that’s because I’ve been so tired after all the salsa practice, plus the internet at work’s down so I can’t post as and when I like, which is quite a bummer sometimes.? Bah,?and it?seems like no one cares about?the internet connection?except me, I don’t [...]

Pulling out of the Performance

Published on May 24, 2006

Its wed today, the day of the first performance. I should be excited but I’m not, cos we’re not going to be in it. Our decision to pull out of the performance was not easy and it was painful. But we were in such bad shape I didn’t think we would survive the intensive training. [...]

Upcoming Performance

Published on May 22, 2006

After that gruelling week leading up to the Xenbar Comp, we were informed that we had to perform on the following wed (24/5) and fri (26/5) and that training intensity was up 3 notches. We were already feeling a bit under the weather and poor?Tien Yew is suffering from chronic lack of sleep. Still, I’m [...]

Second Place!

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We got second place and I’m sooo proud of lizzie right now!? She’s been such an amazing partner and it’s just such a joy dancing with her.? I hope we continue dancing for years!

Salsa Blues Reopened

Published on May 18, 2006

I’m tired, really tired; so is lizzie, and we’ve just come back from Bintan!? It’s only been one day of dance training at Xenbar and we’re already beat, and we’ve got another one coming up this evening.? I’m looking forward to it for obvious reasons, yet dreading it because I don’t know what time it’d [...]

Salsa Clave

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I’ve posted my previous article about the clave in the articles section of this blog together with lizzie’s article about choreography?for easier reference.? You can find it here.

Interesting Tip

Published on May 16, 2006

Here’s something I chanced upon and I thought I’d do some good by passing it on.? If you want to slow down music, there’s an option in windows media player under “view -> enhancements -> play speed settings” where you can alter the speed at which your music is played.? You can slow it down [...]


Published on May 11, 2006

Last night was the second time that Tien Yew and I did our choreograph at Xen, in front of an audience. The first time was utterly horrific. We were very unprepared and I was a bundle of nerves. I was stumbling left and right and Tien Yew forgot the choreo halfway through. Anyway, putting together [...]

Salsa Insanity

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Every night for the past 2 weeks, I hobbled out of the taxi close to midnight and trudged wearily up the stairs. My legs are almost jelly when i reach my place, four flights of stairs later. My feet are so bruised and battered after dancing for hours every night that they ache perpetually. Tien [...]