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Last Lap

Published on September 26, 2012

It’s end Sep; our wedding is in 3 mths, Ty is in the midst of his final exams and I’m mentally ticking off all the things to be done / prepared for the wedding. We are at the last lap of our 6-yr long -distance relationship and like in a marathon, the last lap is [...]


Published on September 14, 2012

I think all in all lizzie and I have been quite lucky.  I’m just about to finish med school and we’ll finally be married.  Not too many long distance relationships have survived for 6 years and I think we’ve been really fortunate – to have found each other, to have had the means fly across [...]


Published on April 22, 2012

So it’s been more than 2 years since anyone’s last posted anything on this blog.  Liz and I haven’t died but life has just robbed us of time to write.  We’re still very much together and we’ve been through so many things these years that we could never have imagined when we decided that we [...]


Published on December 15, 2009

I’m usually nodding off during my bus journey to work but this morning, I was unable to sleep…lost in a sea of melancholic thoughts. As I passed by the Esplanade and saw the white ‘wish balls’ floating on the surface of the water, I kinda realized that a year had passed since Ty and I stood under the [...]


Published on September 22, 2009

I’ve been trying to write for some time but I haven’t had much of an opportunity.  I’ve never written much but it’s always been a pleasure to pen things down however inane.  Phase 2 of medicine is more intense than I expected but manageable nevertheless.  SH has just begun, but looking at the things we will [...]

Spring in Sydney 2008

Published on November 6, 2008

It seemed like just yesterday that I travelled to Sydney on my own for the very first time…and now I’ve done that 4 times….and managed to smuggle in some chilli spices and curry paste for Ty. When I arrived at 10am on 25 Sep, it was a Thurs morning and Ty had tutorials till 12pm, [...]

Obama Amābō!

Published on November 5, 2008

Obama, scīlicet, herī regnum Americae Foederatae accēpit et mox prīmus honor illīus terrae, immō totī orbis, eī, Āfricānō Americānō, erit.  Sed omnēs dē hāc rē scrībēbant et ego nōlō plūs inquināre.  Scītisne, autem, dē palindrome ‘obama’?  Id vocābulum in ‘amabo’ mūtārī potest!  Fingere, igitur, possumus, tempore antīquō Obama praeter sententiā ‘verō, possumus’, etiam ‘Obama amābō’ ūsus sit!  Cognōvistisne etiam [...]

In Principio erat Verbum

Published on August 31, 2008

I’m so vexed. My internet’s capped so even if I wanted to do work, I can’t… I am speaking of my gen ed course, which I have totally lost interest in, by the way, even though I’m anxious to get my weekly contribution done – mostly because if not, I’d fail or something bad. Note [...]

Dēsīderō you

Published on August 12, 2008

Prope duōbus annīs post, it still isn’t easy to live sine eā. Dolōre, I write this nunc nam amōrem tam procul abesse dēsīderō. Especially adhūc with 6 weeks more to go dum intueor faciem. Putāvī numquam I would ever get used to it but it still surprises me id mihi dolēre. Et omnia quae facere [...]

My Lasik Experience

Published on June 14, 2008

After years of consideration and months of procrastination (probably due to the big hole it would leave in my pocket..), I decided to finally get my eyes fixed once and for all.? I went for a pre-assessment at Eagle Eye Clinic at Mt Alveria Hospital in end May and had my op last Thursday.? The [...]