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In Principio erat Verbum

Published on August 31, 2008

I’m so vexed. My internet’s capped so even if I wanted to do work, I can’t… I am speaking of my gen ed course, which I have totally lost interest in, by the way, even though I’m anxious to get my weekly contribution done – mostly because if not, I’d fail or something bad. Note [...]

My New Lappy!

Published on January 26, 2007

Yeap, I finally got myself a lappy for my 6 year study trip down under.? It’s black, sleek and sexy and?I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves… The lid is composed of a magnesium alloy.? I’m not sure what that means but it looks like sexy stuff, no? It comes with this thing called a [...]

Media Center Guide

Published on June 20, 2006

So I haven’t been posting much recently once again, but with good reason of course.? I’ve finally got a full-fledged media center in my room!? Yeap, I’ve been working on it for the past few weeks and I’ve finally got everything working.? And so, since there IS a dearth of information on building your own [...]

Beta Testing

Published on May 18, 2006

Well, I’ve essentially become quite a beta tester for Microsoft.? I’ve downloaded the betas of both Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player 11.? Other than their version numbers being prime numbers, I thought they looked classy and that maybe I’d give them a try.? I’ll probably be posting about my experiences with these useful [...]