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Interesting Tip

Published on May 16, 2006

Here’s something I chanced upon and I thought I’d do some good by passing it on.? If you want to slow down music, there’s an option in windows media player under “view -> enhancements -> play speed settings” where you can alter the speed at which your music is played.? You can slow it down [...]

We’re Back

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Oh woe is me, we’re back but we’ve to work tomorrow and I’m now 20!? Yes, I’ve hit the big 2-0 and I’m just bummed.? Bah.? That’s like 1/4 of my life gone!? I feel so old.? Oh yeah, thanks everyone who smsed me or wished me in anyway a happy birthday! sidenote:? lizzie will [...]


Published on May 14, 2006

lizzie and I will be headed for Bintan in the morning, so you won’t see any posts for the next few days.? However, we’ll be back with a vengeance as we’ll be posting all the photos we’ll be taking there!? Yeap, so enjoy your long weekend too!? Haha…


Published on May 11, 2006

Last night was the second time that Tien Yew and I did our choreograph at Xen, in front of an audience. The first time was utterly horrific. We were very unprepared and I was a bundle of nerves. I was stumbling left and right and Tien Yew forgot the choreo halfway through. Anyway, putting together [...]

Two to Tango

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Tango is fun!? Well, largely so, but even then that depends on your perspective.? In the past I’d always thought that tango was a passionate dance between two people very much in love – something that was fast and sharp yet smooth as silk, where passion flowed,?where two people could share a lifetime of love?in [...]

Salsa Insanity

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Every night for the past 2 weeks, I hobbled out of the taxi close to midnight and trudged wearily up the stairs. My legs are almost jelly when i reach my place, four flights of stairs later. My feet are so bruised and battered after dancing for hours every night that they ache perpetually. Tien [...]

Salsa Practice Blues

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I’m beat. I mean really beat, like fall-flat-on-my-face kind of beat. Why? Well, for the past week, I’ve been going to Xenbar for practice from about 6 pm till late (about 11+, I’m not sure though, but the trains have gone and cabs are damn hard to hail at that time), and you know I [...]

Intro to Bachata

Published on May 10, 2006

Hey peeps! I wrote this short intro article on Bachata, cos personally Bachata is a dance that is very close to my heart. And I just wanted to share this with anyone who’s wondering what Bachata is all about. Bachata music comprises mainly the guitar, accompanied usually by other instruments such as claves or bongo [...]

The Salsa Clave

Published on May 9, 2006

Here’s an article written by yours truly a few days ago that might be of interest to some, especially those who have puzzled about the mystery of the clave and / or?dancing on 2.? This article, however, requires some background in music, so be warned.? Grab it here: Salsa Clave

Popping the Cherry

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This is the blog of 2 salsa lovers who’ve been dancing for about 11 months.? Over the course of our dancing, we will write about our thoughts and frustrations in the learning process.? Hopefully, some useful information and tips can be gleaned from these pages. Viva la Salsa!