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Online Fashion

Published on June 21, 2006

When it comes to shopping, most people would still prefer to see/feel/try what they like, before actually purchasing them. But for visual people like me, show me a picture of a model in a gorgeous dress and I’m ready to buy it…even without actually physically seeing the item, much less try it. What am I [...]

Media Center Guide

Published on June 20, 2006

So I haven’t been posting much recently once again, but with good reason of course.? I’ve finally got a full-fledged media center in my room!? Yeap, I’ve been working on it for the past few weeks and I’ve finally got everything working.? And so, since there IS a dearth of information on building your own [...]

Mental blank-out on Stage

Published on June 13, 2006

It was raining last sunday. In addition to the cold and gloom, was the usual inertia one felt when the weekend?was ending. We had already performed on sat night for the Summer Dance Fit that was held outside the indoor stadium. We had just one more to go that Sunday evening, to end off the [...]

Penny for my thoughts…

Published on June 6, 2006

Lately there’s been a multitude of thoughts all crowding in my head, occupying whatever brain space that I have left…which is usually not much after work. By the time I shut down my office computer at the end of the day, the one in my head automatically switches off too. Usually I look forward to [...]

Back From the Break!

Published on June 4, 2006

Yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and that’s because I’ve been so tired after all the salsa practice, plus the internet at work’s down so I can’t post as and when I like, which is quite a bummer sometimes.? Bah,?and it?seems like no one cares about?the internet connection?except me, I don’t [...]