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working blues…

Published on July 25, 2006

About 2 weeks ago, my immediate boss called me into her office on a Friday…and promptly informed me that the CEO had decreed that she would be attached to another subsidiary company for 3 months….I asked “when?” and she replied “the coming Monday”. Sheesh, that left me only 1 weekend to mentally prepare for the?onslaught [...]

Dancing On 2

Published on July 11, 2006

Note: I may sound preachy here, but these are?just my feelings and perhaps rants?on the issue unsorted and perhaps a little?condescending.? I don’t intend any offence so don’t get pissed over one man’s views.? For those wanting more, a full objective article about dancing salsa on 2 will be posted soon enough.? Yes, I admit [...]


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They’re cruncy, tasty and absolutely delicious.? I wonder why they’re not sold in Singapore, the supposed “food heaven”.? Anyway my colleague at work just came back from Australia?after a business trip and bought this big pack of nougats and we’ve been feasting on them since the beginning of the week.? And uh, I regret to [...]


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In my attempt to start losing weight, I’ve taken up running.? If you can remember, I did blog about my first attempt the Sunday before.? Well that ended with me having aching legs for the good part of the week, leaving me quite immobilised and unable to continue any more running sessions.? So that was [...]

Dance Dance Dance!

Published on July 7, 2006

I love dancing with lizzie!? Wednesday night was such a great dance night and we both had so much fun!? The music at Xenbar was not its usual fare and was fast and dynamic with some songs that we’ve never heard before, but they were all good.? It was like hit after hit after hit, [...]

Salsa Intoxication

Published on July 5, 2006

There are some days when I just cannot seem to dance….I call those days salsa slumps…but tonight was amazing. It started out as a usual evening at Xen, with lessons at 7 plus till nine. The belly dancing lesson with Yanqing was physically challenging….isolation is a killer…I probably would ache all over tomorrow, esp the [...]

Leg Pain!!!

Published on July 4, 2006

Ugh, I finally got myself off my butt and went running on Sunday, you know, to lose weight and get a healthy lifestyle.? But apparently I’ve been so out of shape that after running 3 km, I started to feel really nauseas and so I stopped.? Of course it didn’t help that I didn’t have [...]