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9 Months

Published on August 18, 2006

Goodness knows how fast time flies! We’ve been together 9 months now and it seems like only yesterday when we?decided to be together. Anyway, its been a fantastic 9 months and we’re still going strong! =D Happy 9 months dearie!?

Feeling the Music

Published on August 15, 2006

Upon reflection, I’ve come to realise that one of the most electrifying salsa nights I’ve had were those nights where I could spontaneously come up with steps and totally sweat the night out and just keep moving.? One of the main ingredients of that, I feel, is the music (and of course having lizzie around).? [...]

Hard Rock Cafe

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I guess it’s been some time since both of us posted and the reason is that we’re both ultra busy, Liz (see post below) and I.? Yeap, I’ve actually been busy with NS work, after hours and all that.? But that’s over anyway, so here I am blogging at work.? Haha. The past weeks have [...]