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Moving House!!

Published on September 23, 2006

The last time I moved house was when I was 12…and those memories were vague..probably because I didn’t carry many things then..:p Anyway, my family and I moved last Fri 15 September, from our 4th Storey walk-up apartment at Telok Kurau Lor L….to 2 lanes down..to Lor M. Haha..albeit the short distance, the hassle of [...]

University of New South Wales

Published on September 11, 2006

Its 1.00 am on Sunday morning/night and i’m still sitting here typing away on my new laptop….cos Ty has just got an email to inform him that he’s been accepted into medicine at the University of New South Wales! Finally he can heave a sigh of relief after all those agonizing months of interviews and [...]

Thai Express

Published on September 8, 2006

Thai?Express?has always had a special place in both?lizzie’s and my hearts.? The food’s not exactly spectacular, but somehow, we both always end up dining there.? You see, from time to time (pretty often), lizzie has a craving for spicy food and because Thai Express is pretty ubiquitous, whether it’s Plaza Singapura, The Esplanade or Siglap, [...]


Published on September 3, 2006

So Comex is in town again and being such a technogeek I happily joined in with the festivities along with what must have been half of Singapore.? To be honest, I really wasn’t looking for anything (read:?true technogeek), however despite?the idea of having to join the throngs of people packed in 3 expo halls, scouting [...]