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Phone Bills

Published on March 23, 2007

Just the other day, I got a fat envelope from Starhub…my phone bill for Feb…I almost didnt dare to open it…for fear that the bill would be sky high. Oh well but I did anyway and while its not ridiculously high, it was substantial enough for me to feel the pinch. $206…and when i saw [...]

The Net

Published on March 22, 2007

The great thing about having the net is that I get to talk to lizzie a lot more.? It helps, I suppose, to be able to chat with her any time of the day – I look up from my books and onto my compter screen and there she is.? But when she says “see [...]


Published on March 21, 2007

Now, if you know me well enough you’d know how much of a greenie I am – and Sydney is greenie heaven!? I don’t have my time to type this post, but the gist of it is that I’ve seen so many Toyota Priuses rolling around the city and it brings such joy to my [...]

300 – Darn Bloody Good!!

Published on March 12, 2007

About 15 of us from Xen went to watch?a midnight movie, 300, on saturday night. The movie is inspired by the graphic novel by Frank Miller and its about the battle of Thermopylae where King Leonidas and 300 Spartan soldiers fought to their death against the huge Persian amry led by Xerxes. I must say [...]


Published on March 6, 2007

At 12.10pm today, there was suddenly a commotion in my office. As my room was tucked away at one corner while the rest of my colleagues’ rooms?were at the other end, I was quite oblivious to what was going on. All I heard were my colleague’s voices (and mind you my dept is an all [...]

Another Update!

Published on

I realise that I haven’t updated in some time but I’ve been busy. The medicine programme in UNSW is seriously no walk in the park. It’s only been a week plus and I find myself up to my nose in work. Get this, on Thursday I was suddenly bombarded with a group project and an [...]

Back to lessons at Xen

Published on March 2, 2007

I went back for my first day of lessons on Monday at Xen, after a dunno how many weeks break. And I could still feel the inertia of having to move those muscles that have been collecting dust. I stepped into Xen during the tail end of the Afro Cuban class and although the music [...]