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Salsa in Sydney

Published on April 29, 2007

I remember that back in Singapore someone once told me that there was no salsa scene in Sydney.? That got me rather worried because, well, I really liked to salsa.? That someone was totally and utterly wrong – the Sydney salsa scene is very much alive and kicking ass!? You know how there’re these these [...]

Darling Harbour

Published on April 26, 2007

8th-9th April – I woke up on a very bright Sunday morning and expected it to be like 9 or 10 but it was only 7 am plus. Ty was still asleep so I slipped as quietly as I could out of the room. It was a cold morning and after washing up, I sat [...]

Good Friday in Sydney

Published on April 22, 2007

6th-7th April – Good Friday was quite uneventful, simply because the weather was not cooperating and it had been raining almost the whole day. Ty and I spent the whole morning and early afternoon catching up on Grey’s Anatomy. Apparently he hasn’t watched any of the new episodes and was waiting to watch them together [...]

First 2 days in Sydney

Published on April 20, 2007

4th-5th April – I touched down in Sydney on the 4th?in the early hours of the morning, as you’ve probably read in my earlier blog?about my flight there… I slept most of the morning away, as Ty was away at the hospital. He came back at about 3pm. He had to dress formally when he [...]

End of Holiday Blues…

Published on April 15, 2007

I’m sure we all get some sort of blues when we come back from a long holiday…especially so when you have to go back to work/school after like 10 days of waking up late and having fun. For me, its worst cos that means I won’t get to see Ty till July. Thats like another [...]


Published on April 4, 2007

Its 9.00 am aussie time and I’m writing ths?blog?from Ty’s comp. I?touched down in Sydney at about 5.19am, 2 hours ahead of Singapore. The 7.5 hour flight was exhausting and not to mention the time passed excrutiatingly slow. Evertime I looked at my watch (which was like 30 plus times?) only 15 min had gone [...]