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Harry Potter

Published on July 21, 2007

At 8 am this morning, I was awakened by the loud sound of the toilet door opening and closing. Disoriented, sleepy and a little grumpy, I peeped out from under my blanket, which was up to my nose due to Ty’s air-con (which seems programmed to match Sydney’s freezing weather). I saw Ty’s face grinning [...]

The Old Shit from Gymea a.k.a. “300″

Published on July 12, 2007

So two friends of mine and I got ourselves a new old car we’ve affectionately named “Old Shit” (it’s brown) – for $300.? Lots of people who’ve seen it doubt its abilities.? But I’ve driven it and I tell ya, it’s?a beast of a car!? It’s also my first car, so… Old Shit and I [...]


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It’s great to be back to familiar sights and sounds, not so great about the heat and humidity, but the cheap food and tantalising smells mask it to an extent – somewhat.? But all that pales in comparison to seeing lizzie pressed upon the gates while I lugged my 23 kilos worth of baggage (I [...]

Together again!!

Published on July 6, 2007

11 weeks apart may seem short for some couples??for such a ‘sticky’ couple like us, it sure was difficult…not just emotionally but also financially. My phone bills for the past months have hovered around the hundred plus range.? Anyway, Ty touched down last sat night and I had my nose permanently glued to the glass [...]