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Spring in Sydney 2008

Published on November 6, 2008

It seemed like just yesterday that I travelled to Sydney on my own for the very first time…and now I’ve done that 4 times….and managed to smuggle in some chilli spices and curry paste for Ty. When I arrived at 10am on 25 Sep, it was a Thurs morning and Ty had tutorials till 12pm, [...]

Obama Amābō!

Published on November 5, 2008

Obama, scīlicet, herī regnum Americae Foederatae accēpit et mox prīmus honor illīus terrae, immō totī orbis, eī, Āfricānō Americānō, erit.  Sed omnēs dē hāc rē scrībēbant et ego nōlō plūs inquināre.  Scītisne, autem, dē palindrome ‘obama’?  Id vocābulum in ‘amabo’ mūtārī potest!  Fingere, igitur, possumus, tempore antīquō Obama praeter sententiā ‘verō, possumus’, etiam ‘Obama amābō’ ūsus sit!  Cognōvistisne etiam [...]