This Morning

Well I’m feeling better now.? I guss it was just a lack of sleep that triggered my depression.? I still miss lizzie and the pain is still there but it doesn’t hurt that bad now.

Anyway it’s 3 in the afternoon and my parents are asleep so I thought I’d just quickly chronicle the day till now.? Today’s a Saturday and the streets of suburban Randwick were fairly crowded in the morning, which is quite a contrast to yesterday when the street were rather empty.? I took some time this morning and got myself an Optus pre-paid card.? I think it’s fairly reasonable for $30.? Unfortunately, it expires in 30 days so it’s quite similar to a real plan.? Mobile plans here are more expensive.

I took a look at this apartment near where I’m putting up at but it’s in the middle of a shopping area and very noisy so I think that’s out.? There are some really nice places around here but it’s Saturday afternoon and all the viewings are over.? I did see this spanking new development.? I love the design, glass all over the place but the apartments for lease are way too expensive, $680 a week for?a 2 room apartment.? I saw these apartments run by the uni.? It’s still being renovated and Sean and I are on the waiting list because they haven’t completed the renovations!? We’re really hoping to get that one.? It’s right outside the medicine faculty and the rooms are of the right size and everything’s just perfect.

Which brings me to the university.? I took some time late morning to explore the university.? It was really quiet today and there were only a few people on campus, which was great, coz I brought my camera and I got to take many pretty pictures. :D ? I’ll be posting them up tonight I hope.

Anyway I got my internet up (I was leeching off someone’s network last night, I hope that’s not illegal here, haha).? I paid $10 for unlimited access for a day.? Expensive, but internet here is expensive too.? Everything’s expensive here, especially food.? Don’t get me wrong, meat and dairy products are dirt cheap here ($2.96 for 2 pieces of sirloin???) but somehow the cost of eating outside can set me back quite a bit.? I just had this vegetarian sandwich that cost me $7.? Granted, it’s delicious (as in seriously so bloody good that if I were on death row, I probably wouldn’t mind having that for my last meal) and the servings are humongous, it just seems like they could lower the price a bit for us poor university students.? Say serve smaller portions because I seriously wouldn’t mind having just half of that sandwich for half the price because that would be enough for a good hearty lunch.? I dunno, I guess expensive eat-out food is something I have to get used to.

I’ll be going down town later I think.? I wish lizzie could be here with me to explore the town.

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