Two to Tango

Tango is fun!? Well, largely so, but even then that depends on your perspective.? In the past I’d always thought that tango was a passionate dance between two people very much in love – something that was fast and sharp yet smooth as silk, where passion flowed,?where two people could share a lifetime of love?in that one dance.

Months ago on a?Tuesday?I was brimming with excitement when I headed down to Xenbar?for its Tango Night.? The excitement, however, fell to a slump and then even further when I saw how tango was danced there.? The truth is, I’d never really seen anyone dance tango before, so that was my first time, and, to be honest, it sucked big.? I watched a couple dance and, yes, it was smooth, but where’s the passion?? Where’s the sharpness?? The music was slow and largely boring, you know, the kind of music you hear and just can’t even fathom a hint of an urge to dance.? From then, I just lost all interest in the dance and concentrated on salsa.

Watching “Take the Lead”, however, changed my perception of tango totally.? If you haven’t watched it, GO WATCH.? The tango was everything I thought it was and more.? And the music was the soft, slow, sissy music that I heard in Xen.? When Antonio Banderas dipped his partner at the end of the dance, I felt this incredible urge to want to do that too.?

I didn’t know where to go to fulfil that desire though.? Coincidentally, Xen was engaged by someone (I really don’t know who) to perform somewhere (I’m guessing it’s in the Kallang area), some time (my hunch is the end of this month or early next month).? As it turns out, we had to do a tango choreography for the performance and lizzie and I started learning tango exactly a week ago.?

It was frustrating at first.? The?steps were so alien, and lizzie put it quite succintly when she said that we were “fish out of water”.? However, after much help from Nancy and Manfred who got the steps amazingly quickly, we got used to the?steps and the timing?sooner than expected.? Getting used to the dance didn’t take away the frustration though.? I snapped at her, she snapped back and?we fought quite a bit about the steps and the lead and follow.

Now, however, we’re not fighting anymore, although I still sense some irritation on her?part sometimes.? I think we’ve got the choreography (which is simple yet beautiful) down already, thanks to her – she’s an amazing dancer.? Considering that we’ve only been learning tango for less than a week, I think we’re doing pretty well.? Yep, so right now tango is fun!

3 Responses to “Two to Tango”

  1. lizzie Says:

    Visit lizzie

    You’re the best lead I ever danced with.

  2. Tien Yew Says:

    Visit Tien Yew

    You’re the best dancer ever! Love you!

  3. Nig Says:

    Visit Nig

    wAh lao.. I wanna puke liao.

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