Downtown Sydney

Today was another long day of walking.? I went down to the main shopping district and yes, things are even more expensive there, although the books, especially the cooking books are cheaper.? For Borders, at least.

After having this HUGE kebab which I honestly thought was small from the picture, I went down to the Sydney Opera House (proper noun right?).? There I had some fun with this really cool boat ride.? We just happened to be there at the right time and the right place and got on to the boat while it was just about to leave.? The boat was really fast and the driver did these amazing sudden turns that sent water splashing all over the deck.? Really cool.? We had to hang on tight of course.? After hanging around some more at the opera house, we were beat and headed back to the lodge.

I’ll be posting pictures tomorrow I think, I’m way too tired…? Orientation starts tomorrow!

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