Picking up the pieces

It’s been almost a week since ty left and its finally starting to sink into me, that we won’t be doing many things together for a while….The past week (excluding the New Year holidays) was spent basically hibernating at home and spacing out. I read comics, cleared my auction stuff, finally installed itunes in my laptop, played SIMS and cleaned my room. I haven’t been to Xen for almost 2 weeks. I suppose I’m guilty of avoiding going there, since that place brings back so many memories. But still, I do miss dance…after watching Dance Floor….I probably should start going for lessons again.

Life over here would seem mundane, as compared to what ty is experiencing over at Sydney. But I’m still going to blog, simply because both of us look forward to reading what is going on in each other’s lives, miles apart. I’ll probably be going for some retail therapy this weekend with my best buddy. It always helps. But then again, I had already blasted $199 on an SK diamond pendant for myself last week and splurged $XXX on ty’s birthday present (nevermind that his birthday is in May..). Yeah, retail therapy works wonders for me. :)

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