A Brief Update

It’s been about a week since I left Singapore for Sydney and things are still looking good.? I have some good news – I’ve managed to find permanent accommodation!? It’s along High Street, which is just next door to my faculty’s building.? Literally, next door.? Unfortunately, though, I’ve been evicted from the lodge I’ve been putting up at, the lady at the lodge gave me this lousy reason that the lodge will be fully booked from the time I originally had intended to leave till moving day, which incidentally is on Monday.? So I’ve been putting up with this Air Force guy who lives at this nice apartment in Cogee.? Ironically, this was the apartment I rejected in a previous post.? So I’ll be staying there for a few days till I get the keys for the High St apartment.? The guy doesn’t have a phone line set up yet, so I’ll have to call lizzie with my handphone for the time being I guess and bleah, my $30 pre-paid card just ran out of value.? International calls are SOO expensive in Sydney, but that’s not too surprising I suppose.? Stupid stupid stupid.? I’ve got to somehow use a calling card to call her.? The expense is killing me but I can’t do without calling her either.? I really need a land line soon.? Oh and he doesn’t have internet up yet so I’m typing this from an internet cafe that charges $4 an hour!? Ugh.? Disgusting…? Seriously, I don’t know how people here cope with the high taxes and expensive services.

Lessons will start next week and I’ve been assigned a hospital.? Due to some really really bad luck, I’ve been assigned the furthest hospital from the uni (you win some, you lose some).? It’s 40km away and according to google maps, it’s an hour’s drive.? I daren’t imagine how long it would take by train and bus.? Really scary stuff.? Hopefully I can mug or something on the train (while trying hard not to get mugged).? But still…

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