Another Update

Well, it’s Monday and I’m still not in my new apartment yet.? I missed my appointment with the housing office this morning and they’re very very busy so now I can only move on Wednesday.? It’s a small hiccup, but I think it’ll be fine.? It was mildly irritating though, the housing office called this morning at 9am telling?Sean that?we had an appointment with them now but?we didn’t recall that a time was specified, we thought it was just a simple handing over of keys and signing of some documents that didn’t require much time an appointment.? Anyway, Sean told me that they were threatening to give our place to someone else if we didn’t turn up today so, feeling very pissed off I left the lecture hall (it was a really boring orientation lecture anyway) to confront Graham.? Of course it was later cleared up that they weren’t being rude, because the exact words that they asked were “Do you still want the apartment?” because people miss appointments for that.? Unfortunately, that wasn’t communicated to me by Sean so I thought they were being really mean.? Bleah, I missed?my first?lecture (boring but still…) and didn’t get anything out of that.? Ugh.? But we’re moving on Wednesday anyway so I guess it’s ok.? Bleah, I have to sleep on the damn sofa for another 2 days.

Anyway, the rest of the day was pretty much a monotony; introductions to our clinical and scenario groups and getting ourselves oriented with the buildings.? There was supposed to be a barbeque but I skipped that because, well, it was raining and I had a craving for some salad (yes, I really love that now – it just tastes better here, don’t ask me why).? Speaking of food, I cooked for dinner today and everyone loved my “fried” chicken.? It was supposed to be fried but the oil wasn’t hot enough and so it was more like just cooked chicken.? But it was really tasty nonetheless and everyone loved it, and that’s the important part, other than the always refreshing ego massage.? Haha.? :D

The weekend was really fun.? A bunch of us medicine people and my current landlord went down to Bondi beach for some fun in the sun.? We had so much fun flinging ourselves against the waves till uh, yeah, some of us got pulled by the current really far away from the shore and would have drowned but thank goodness the surfers were there to help.? I almost got myself into that situation too.? I had suddenly noticed that my feet weren’t touching the ground any more and I decided to head back.? But despite trying really hard to swim back, I wasn’t making much progress.? I was getting really scared because the waves kept going over my head, which made me choke on the salty water and tired because I was just swimming so hard.? But I soon realised that I just had to let the wave carry me to shore and just pull really hard when the current was pulling me out to sea.? I was so relieved when I hit shore.? But then I turned back and my friends looked like they were in trouble.? I heard one of them scream “help” and I decided to go back and get them.? But I saw some alert surfers moving towards them and decided to let them handle the job.? Really scary still, I didn’t know if I would have survived saving them.? But it was an invaluable experience anyway.? The rest of the morning saw us lying on top of beach towels and getting tan.? I called lizzie and got her all jealous.? Ironically, we saw the sign that said “dangerous currents” while we were leaving the beach, plus, a lifeguard drove by with a loudhailer telling everyone to stay away from this part of the beach because of the strong currents.? A bit late.? So that was how I spent Saturday.? In the evening, I went to King’s Cross and haha, had a really good educational experience.? Really cool, the things they have there.? But of course I did nothing.? I did have a few drinks there though.? $14 per jug of Heineken!!!? To a Singaporean, that’s incredibly cheap.? Yeap, so that’s how my night ended – with alcohol.? :D ? I love this place!

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