School Starts

Today was really one of the more trying days, certainly not the worst, but bad enough.? First, lessons started proper today?and I didn’t know where my first class was.? To make matters worse, I reached the university only 5 minutes before class started and had to run to the library to check my timetable – the woes of having everything online and charging exorbitantly for printing.? Thankfully, I wasn’t the last one to reach class, there were many other poor lost souls wandering the corridors looking for their rooms.? The first lesson was a small group session, which introduced us to the concept of having small group sessions, haha.? It became more of a “getting to know you” session than an actual lesson.? We did get to discussing things like the competencies we were supposed to possess when we graduate but in an indirect fashion.? The tutor in charge of the session got us to talk about positive and negative experiences we’ve had with the health service and from there got into our graduate capabilities, which was really interesting.? Unfortunately though, I couldn’t see the powerpoint slides because my stupid spectacles died on me.? The lens came off and disappeared into thin air.? Sickening.

After the small group session, I took a stroll down to the campus’ health center in hopes of getting those damned specs fixed but was refered to the optometry clinic (I didn’t know they had one around).? Apparently it’s a clinic run by students but supervised by trained professionals.? Because I didn’t have a prescription (stupid, stupid), I had to make an appointment to get my eyes checked.? And the only day they could give me was MONDAY next week.? Bleah, but at least it’s free for students.? I can’t have everything I suppose.

We had 2 lectures afterwards in the law theatre (hahaha).? Both of them were really interesting and for once I didn’t have the urge to fall asleep.? The lecturers made the session really interesting and it was extremely refreshing compared to those horrible ones back in JC.? I had to be seated right in front due to my horrible vision without spectacles, and even so, the words were still blurry which got me really frustrated at some point.? Frustrating and refreshing.? I realise my use of language is really bland right now but I’m trying to type all this very quickly.? I’m still using the internet at that internet cafe and it’s really starting to burn a hole.

I cooked again.? We had chicken breast again but this time I marinated the chicken in apple juice and then cooked the meat in a skillet before pouring some more apple juice to simmer.? It tasted really bland so I sprinkled some herbs I’d bought and it became really tasty.? Anyway Sean burnt the garlic in the fried rice so umm…? the food really complimented each other in a sense (light chicken and heavy burnt garlic).

I’m really getting worried about whether I can catch up with these bunch of smarties in medicine.? I don’t possess their vast amount of knowledge in biology, so I have to work really hard.? I think I might skip med camp to look through textbooks and lecture notes for the upcoming week of microbiology lectures, as well as revise cell structures, DNA and cell division.? These are things everyone already knows but I have only a faint idea about.? Perhaps once I get my own place I can really sit down and study without distractions.? I don’t mind living with other people, really, but some times I wish my housemates would just kill the music and let me study.? I just need some peace and quiet for the time being…? I didn’t get my parents to pay so much money for me to fall behind right at the start.? I know the start isn’t counted, but I don’t want to have a bad start either.? After all, the module is called “foundations” and I want to get that right.? Looks like some things will have to change…

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