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I went back for my first day of lessons on Monday at Xen, after a dunno how many weeks break. And I could still feel the inertia of having to move those muscles that have been collecting dust. I stepped into Xen during the tail end of the Afro Cuban class and although the music made me feel like moving, I still plopped down at the seat in front of the drinks bar. Lazy me…bleah. Anyway, I did make it to the Ladies Shine class. Yanqing was teaching. I had almost forgotten how much I liked her lessons. After shines class, I stole away to a corner to talk to Tien yew..for about half an hour…just the other day, we talked for 1 hr…sheesh..I’m so not looking forward to getting my phone bill this month. At 930, I went for isolation clasee. Now THAT was a killer. I ached full time the next day. Bleah..I need to oil those muscles again.

?On wednesday, I dutifully went down to Xen again, despite the rain and the cold. After dinner, it was phone-time with Tien Yew again. :) My first lesson of the evening was Advanced class. We did some variations with lots of turn patterns…bleah I need to get used to spotting again. Need to get my balance back too. Nevertheless, I managed to do better after a few more attempts. I quietly slipped out when hip hop class was starting..:P And attended intermediate class instead, where I ended up being Grace’s partner while she taught the class. I haven’t attended intermediate class for a LONG LONG time, so it was a little weird at first dancing with all the guys in the class (come to think of it, I havent danced with any other guy for a LONG time haha). After the lesson, I decided I’m going to skip the performance class to do social. I really ought to dance more with other pple…so that I can improve on my follow and balance. I danced with teddy bear wai hwang and he dished out one complicated move after another. You would have lost count of the number of “AAHHHS!!!” that came involuntarily out. haha. I had a few dances with sam and nigel too, not to mention I was “forced” to do rueda becos they were short of 1 gal. As the 3 guys were good leads, i managed to go through all the variations, although the commands were greek to me. :P Anyway, as a result of all the spins and dancing, I woke up on Thursday morning with aching arms…in addition to my aching abs…just great. It feels good to start dancing again…but nothing beats dancing with Tien yew. And I do miss the guy…lots.

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    Miss you lots too!

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