Moving Tomorrow (I hope)!

Surprise, surprise!? I didn’t move today.? We managed to get the 2 bedroom apartment which means that our original bank cheque had to be changed.? That just meant that we’d have to spend more time at the bank while slow old Michele helped us with it, not to mention the additional $35 admin fee.? I was actually looking forward to living alone for a while, but oh well, I guess I’ll have to see how this works out.? Anyway, the good news is I’ll be moving tomorrow, barring anything unforeseen.

School today was not too bad actually.? I had 4 straight hours of lessons – tiring, but manageable.? The first one taught us to use various library tools to search for information.? It lasted a really long 2 hours – they really could have condensed that one a bit.? I mean, how much time do you really need to spend learning how to search for books or journals.? The second and final lesson was about clinical communication skills.? The tutor told us all to get hold of this textbook by Silverman.? Ridiculous!? Textbooks here already cost a bomb and seriously, who learns communication skills through a textbook.? Isn’t it supposed to be experiential?? Bleah, unfortunately for my pocket, she made it compulsory for us to read the first chapter, and thanks to my newfound library searching skills, the book won’t be available till much much later and so it looks like I have to scrimp and save again – not that I am not already.? The lesson wasn’t too bad;?we got to reflect upon ourselves and things like that, which I find really difficult.? See, I have difficulty remembering specific things when given something general to recall.? Like I’m supposed to recall an experience I’ve had when I felt like I wasn’t getting through to a person.? I think that’s going to be a problem for me.? Furthermore, I was supposed to recall my feelings…? Need I mention that I am a guy!? I have no feelings!? So yeah, in the end I had to make some things up because EVERYONE gets a chance to talk (read:?everyone must talk).? I really don’t understand how people do these things so quickly.? The goal is to become a reflective practitioner.? I have serious doubts about?my ability to become that.

Studying up on bio hasn’t been too bad.? I’ve found wikipedia to be my good friend.?I actually understand what wikipedia says more than Sean’s bio notes.? Ironic.? I’m having fun with it anyway, so no complaints there.? Goodness, I’ve been complaining so much…

I’ve still yet to salsa.? I think I’ll start next week after med camp and all.? Speaking of which, lizzie had convinced me to go for med camp, so I’ll be quite absent from Friday to Sunday.? I’ll take a textbook along – not to study, really to deal with the guilt of not staying at home to study.? That’s lizzie’s idea anyway…? I love her so much!

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    I love you too! :)

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