Another Update!

I realise that I haven’t updated in some time but I’ve been busy. The medicine programme in UNSW is seriously no walk in the park. It’s only been a week plus and I find myself up to my nose in work. Get this, on Thursday I was suddenly bombarded with a group project and an individual assignment. I still don’t really know what to do with the group project. There’s an essay and a presentation involved with that, and for the individual assignment I’ve got to do an interview and write another essay. I’m still not sure what my assessors are looking for but I know that they both have to be completed by week 8 and it’s already week 2. Today I just got news that I’ve got to prepare a presentation about vaccination by next Tuesday. Like ughhhhh… This is all on top of the copious amounts of reading I have to do because lectures aren’t exactly very informative. Seriously…

Thank goodness I actually enjoy the reading and things in school are starting to get interesting. We had anatomy yesterday and I saw my first cadaver. THEY WERE SO COOL!!! Unfortunately, I didn’t have gloves so I couldn’t touch them – some nonsense about me getting infected by prions. I only got to touch a bone. Bleah. I’m so going to have to get myself some gloves. I can’t wait to touch like a heart or something. Oh, and I don’t know if it’s weird but I after that session I got real hungry. Perhaps it’s because the cadevers smelt like chicken. I don’t know, I’m weird.

I went for Med Camp over the weekend and it was a total waste of time. There was no plan or anything and the only fun thing we did there was to have a toga party. They were marketing it as “the best time you’ll have in medicine” and oh my goodness if that’s the best time then I think I’m going to be pretty bored. Seriously, and I got an email from medsoc saying that they’re hailing Med Camp 2007 a great success. Wake up your idea lah. How can it be a success if at least half the people thought it was a great bore. Everyone was so bored that we started playing cards. Honestly it was more like an extended and extremely expensive class chalet. $150 wasted. Bleah. And I didn’t even get the shirt because I was busy playing cards.

Med Camp aside, I moved in on Thursday. The place is nice, save for the fact that the exhaust fan in the toilet stopped working on Monday and there’s a hole in the wall instead of a telephone port. So I had to call Telstra and they’re coming to fix it on Thursday. Oh yeah, and this stupid fire alarm thing keeps beeping at random intervals. It’s tolerable but irritating nevertheless. Mental note: I’m going to have to do something about this soon.

I’d have pictures of the place up but I’m still using the computer at the internet cafe. I’m not going to be able to get internet for a while I think. This is such a drag… Ooh, but I’m having my first clinical tomorrow! I hope it’ll be worth the 5 hour journey… Haha. Should be good!

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