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300 – Darn Bloody Good!!

About 15 of us from Xen went to watch?a midnight movie, 300, on saturday night. The movie is inspired by the graphic novel by Frank Miller and its about the battle of Thermopylae where King Leonidas and 300 Spartan soldiers fought to their death against the huge Persian amry led by Xerxes. I must say the special effects were breathtaking. You could almost feel the heaviness in the air when the 300 spartans set out, never to return again. The battle itself was amazing. Aside from the amount of blood spurting in all directions and limbs flying, the ferocity of the fighting was exhilirating. These men were born and bred to fight…amazing fighting machines you can call them.

And when the spartans were marching out to the hot gates, i turned to Joyce and said “Have u ever seen so many 8-packs” and we both burst into hysterical laughter. Ok, i reckon many girls oogle at the 8-packs too. :p There were many funny?moments, like the part where King Leonidas was calming chomping an apple whilst standing in a battlefield of dead people. I liked so many parts! And of course being such a hopeless romantic, I was torn when King Leonidas, on his?dying breath, called?to his wife. *sobs* Heh Basically the show left me super inspired and awed by the courage of the King and those 300 spartans. A must watch for those who love lots of bloody action and great special effects!! I wished ty was here to catch it! :)

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