The Net

The great thing about having the net is that I get to talk to lizzie a lot more.? It helps, I suppose, to be able to chat with her any time of the day – I look up from my books and onto my compter screen and there she is.? But when she says “see you later” it really hits me, that the familiar isn’t there anymore.? I remember when it used to mean rushing down from Boon Lay to wait for her at the bus stop outside Tanjong Pagar.? Then sometimes she’d surprise me with something she bought, be it moon cakes or curry puffs.? But mostly I’d give her a bear hug before walking down to Chinatown.? So will your head pop out?? But it doesn’t anymore and we’re reduced by webcams and telephones.? And I realise that those lazy weekend afternoons of the past have given way to melancholic mornings of photographs.? I wish I could go to the beach and bask but how can I?? But then I get her call and her voice makes everything all right.

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