Phone Bills

Just the other day, I got a fat envelope from Starhub…my phone bill for Feb…I almost didnt dare to open it…for fear that the bill would be sky high. Oh well but I did anyway and while its not ridiculously high, it was substantial enough for me to feel the pinch. $206…and when i saw the break-down of all the calls, i saw this phone call to ty that was like 1 hour and it cost $34. Haha..i thought my damage was bad…till Ty told me that his bill was 500 Aussie dollars!! Sheesh thats like $600 Sing…on overseas calls. Thank goodness he’s finally got his internet and land line…

?But then even with the webcam and phone calls, he still seems so far away. And everytime i reach out to touch his face, i touch the cold screen. Its been hard for both of us but we’re finally going to be done with Marathon Part 1…which would be 6 weeks since the day he left to the day that I would fly over. That reminds me, there’s only about 10 days before I see him again! I hope time passes faster…..Yeah that means I?now look forward to mondays…

5 Responses to “Phone Bills”

  1. Nig Says:

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    You two are so sweet! Hope time passes faster so Liz can go over soon!

  2. lizzie Says:

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    haha im flying soon! =D

  3. Panda Says:

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    Can use Skype??

  4. lizzie Says:

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    haha no need lah we use webcam now =)

  5. Panda Says:

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    Hahaha.. more advanced liao. :)

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