First 2 days in Sydney

4th-5th April – I touched down in Sydney on the 4th?in the early hours of the morning, as you’ve probably read in my earlier blog?about my flight there… I slept most of the morning away, as Ty was away at the hospital. He came back at about 3pm. He had to dress formally when he went on hospital visits: shirt, tie and dress pants. And I made him wear his white lab coat and pose a shot for me. :P


Anyway I was pretty much starving by then and was waiting for him to say he would be cooking somthing rice, I was like “erm ok?” when he said he would throw up a salad for me. Hmmm…veg for lunch? Something I’m not very used to. I realized then, how he lost so much weight… on salad and muesli bars. :P But surprisingly it was good! Refreshing and pretty filling. We slept the afternoon away…haha…so much for jet lag…and by the time we got up, it was evening. 5pm plus and the sky was dark. Ty brought me to the supermarket which was just around the corner (for him but not for me lah). It was like 3 bus stops for me? heh…oops. But the weather was so cooling, I didn’t even break into a sweat.

I tasted Ty’s cooking for the first time that night (well excluding the scrambled eggs he used to cook for me back in Singapore…) and it was yummy! We had chicken cooked in red wine and?sphagetti with tomato sauce. Plus mushrooms with melted cheese. Yum. :)

The next morning was also pretty much quiet for me. Both Ty and his flatmate were out for lessons in the morning. Anyway they were holding a house party that night, so in the afternoon, we went grocery shopping again. Some of his friends came at 7pm but the majority started streaming in at 8-9 plus. Ty cooked more of his cheese mushrooms and risotto! Risotto is basically rice cooked in butter and white wine, with lots of cheese melted into it. Haha so it was a sticky and very filling rice dish, not to mention cheesey. But then Ty LOVVEESS cheese.

Unfortunately, I was still sick (got sore throat on the day i was supposed to fly) and was awfully tired (not to mention grumpy) by 9plus. And a few drinks (i was on medication…crap..i forgot) made me so sleepy that by 10pm, I could hardly keep my eyes open. And maybe becos I was still new to his friends, I couldn’t help but feel a little out of place. Anyway, I excused myself and hit the bed…I didn’t exactly sleep cos the walls and doors were kinda thin and I could hear the entire party going on all the way till 2.30am. Well, it didn’t help much to improve my disposition, which by then was near explosive. Poor Ty got the brunt of it….I’m not exactly very nice when I’m sick, sleepy and have a splitting headache. But thankfully I cooled down almost immediately when I saw that he was exhausted. Apparently a few people got drunk and there were problems trying to get them home. Nevertheless we hit the bed at 3am and didn’t wake up till late morning the next day.

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