Good Friday in Sydney

6th-7th April – Good Friday was quite uneventful, simply because the weather was not cooperating and it had been raining almost the whole day. Ty and I spent the whole morning and early afternoon catching up on Grey’s Anatomy. Apparently he hasn’t watched any of the new episodes and was waiting to watch them together with me. So we sat glued to his laptop screen, squashed together on the same chair (yeah there’s only 1 chair in his room and I’m not taking any from the kitchen…they all have suspicious patches on them…). Think we finished 5 episodes in all.

In the evening, we went to watch 300 with his friends, Nicholas, Jeremy and Sean. The Cinema is called Ritz and it was about a 20 min walk from Ty’s apartment. We caught the 7pm show and to my surprise, it was free seating! At least that would ensure that people go early to get the best seats. And i was disappointed that they only had salted popcorn?? What happened to the sweet ones?? Haha. Anyway I was watching that for the second time (it was released in Singapore almost a month ago?) and it was still good! Yup as I expected, Ty loved it. I think he especially loved the part when some people got decapitated….doctors-to-be sure have morbid fascinations…

Saturday started with a slight drizzle in the morning but we decided to go out since we’ve already stayed home for the last 3 days. We took a bus to Oxford street where we walked further down to the Paddington flea market. We were at the traffic light junction and was just about to cross the road to the market when it started to pour. We were half wet by the time we crossed the road. Thankfully the stalls were mostly sheltered. After walking about the limited number of stalls for 10 min, we quickly realized?that things were very expensive?there…a pair of earrings costs $30! So we settled down in this?little cafe for some food and coffee. It was 4pm when we finished and the stalls were closing by then.

We?decided to go to Bondi junction instead. Over?at this shopping centre at Bondi, we wandered into Harvey Norman and?did our first shopping for the day. Ty bought speakers for his comp and I bought a hair dryer..haha We met up with the guys for dinner at this sushi place at coogee. It was supposedly $18 for the?all you can eat buffet. And it quickly became a eating contest. I teamed up with Ty and we amassed the greatest number of plates…think close to 30? Haha dinner turned out to be $22.50 per person. The night was still young, so we bought some bottles of beer and headed back to Ty’s apartment, where all 5 of us sat at the living room to chat and drink beer. Not such a bad way to warm up on a cold night.

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