Salsa in Sydney

I remember that back in Singapore someone once told me that there was no salsa scene in Sydney.? That got me rather worried because, well, I really liked to salsa.? That someone was totally and utterly wrong – the Sydney salsa scene is very much alive and kicking ass!? You know how there’re these these few pros in Union Square who you always watch and drool?? In Sydney, there’s this hotel in town called Equilibrium and there’re pros with dance moves you can drool over all over the place – and they’re there every Sunday night.? Granted, there’s a $15 cover charge but who the hell cares when you get to see Jamie Jesus and Little Liz and Oliver Pineda and so on and so forth.? Did I also mention that they serve water for free?? That’s just such an essential for us dehydrated salsa folk that Union Square back home doesn’t provide.? Instead, Union Square provides 2 free drinks both of which are almost certainly going to be some form of sugary?liquid that’ll get you all thirsty again in approximately 5 seconds.? So, you know, whoever told me that Sydney’s salsa scene is non-existent, you’re an idiot.

On the downside though, you get one or two oddball Cuban style dancing perverts but that doesn’t really bother me because, well, being the homophobe I am, I generally don’t dance with guys.? And another odd thing I noticed about the scene is that as far as I’m concerned, I haven’t seen any rueda circles in Sydney at all.? That might be disappointing to some but that’s just great stuff for me.? No rueda circles = more space to dance.? Honestly, I don’t understand the fascination with rueda anyway, but I shan’t digress here.? The point is that I’m enjoying salsa in Sydney even though I haven’t been down to the floor much due to both my studies and the absence of lizzie, again, another story.

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