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Together again!!

11 weeks apart may seem short for some couples??for such a ‘sticky’ couple like us, it sure was difficult…not just emotionally but also financially. :P My phone bills for the past months have hovered around the hundred plus range.? Anyway, Ty touched down last sat night and I had my nose permanently glued to the glass panels, squinting really hard to spot him. It seems our most intense moments (parting and reunion) always happen at the airport.? He engulfed me in a huge bear hug and suddenly, those 11 weeks apart melted away.

We hit Xen’s dance floor on Sunday night with a vengeance. It was exhilirating to be able to dance?again after so long. I told Ty I actually missed the multiple spins and dips, on2?and the crazy speed that he loves doing so much. I remembered when we last danced at Thumpers, this australian guy came up to me and commented that Ty really worked me to the bone…haha and true enough on sat, after 2 dances, I was perspiring like crazy, had hair all over my face, spun so many times i couldn’t walk straight and had wobbly legs…what a great way to lose weight..haha

We danced again on Monday and wed night and he really grilled me doing on2. ?Still, nothing beats dancing with him cos we just have so much fun! :) Tuesday was a transformers movie day for us and after the show at?Marina, we headed to the Esplanade taxi stand to catch a cab….we waited for?about 45 min…and we both were just contented standing next to each other, holding?hands. I suppose what?other couples take for granted,?is a luxury to us. ..Thurs was buffet day. We met up with Jianyang,?James, Jiwei, Nigel and?Grace at Kushinbo and?ate our hearts out..or rather our tummies. They all headed back to Xen after dinner but Ty and myself were totally flat out of energy. We went home. :P ?

?And now its 4.30pm on Friday and I’m looking forward to more dancing and more Ty later this evening. :) ?We’ve met?everyday since the day he was back…and I reckon we’ll probably be seeing each other at least 6 out of 7 days for the next 2 weeks…oh well, time is of essence!!??

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