It’s great to be back to familiar sights and sounds, not so great about the heat and humidity, but the cheap food and tantalising smells mask it to an extent – somewhat.? But all that pales in comparison to seeing lizzie pressed upon the gates while I lugged my 23 kilos worth of baggage (I always overpack) through the gates.

I really hadn’t really danced much in Sydney so when?lizzie and I?hit Xen that first Sunday, months of pent up dance starvation was unleashed on the floor – and it was explosive!? The combination of blazingly fast music and lizzie’s great follow made the night so memorable and I couldn’t help but want more.? So we went down again the next day, and then on Wednesday and then on Friday and Monday and last night, and I have a sneaking suspicion that we might be making an appearance tonight.

So I haven’t really done much since I’ve been back but I suppose that’s because I’ve been dancing way too much.? But I think lizzie would agree that it’s a healthy overdose.? I have, despite my packed schedule consisting of dancing and sleeping, managed to slip away to sample the local fare to remind myself that Singapore is still the best damned place for good food.? And it so bloody is.? Unfortunately, though, I CAN’T EAT CHILLI NO MOAR!!!? Since I’ve been back, every spicy meal is shortly later?accompanied by a visit to the gents.? A small price, but I think I’d better cut down anyway.?

There’s something that bothers me – I don’t feel at home, I feel like a tourist visiting a familiar place.? And it’s not that I feel Sydney is home because it obviously isn’t.? But it bothers me that back in Sydney when all the other Singaporeans were missing Singapore, the food, shopping and whatnot, I didn’t.? I only missed lizzie.? Oh well, it’ll sort itself out.

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