Harry Potter

At 8 am this morning, I was awakened by the loud sound of the toilet door opening and closing. Disoriented, sleepy and a little grumpy, I peeped out from under my blanket, which was up to my nose due to Ty’s air-con (which seems programmed to match Sydney’s freezing weather). I saw Ty’s face grinning at me and I vaguely registered him saying “Look behind you”. Now that was a weird thing to say at 8am in the morning and I had this fleeting phobia that I’ll find a cockroach or something…still I obeyed…and when I flipped onto my other side, I saw an orange paper bag with the words “HARRY POTTER” staring back at me. My mind honestly went blank…then I squinted harder at the bag (which was by the way touching my nose) cos I’m essentially as blind as a bat without my glasses.

Then it hit me that the last book in the Harry Potter series would be out today. Ty knew I was quite the Harry Potter fan, having read all the 6 earlier books, made him watch the Globet of Fire with me on VCD and dragged him to the movies to watch Order of The Phoenix. Yup, so my dearest had actually pre-odered the book from Borders when he first came back 3 weeks ago, woke up at 5am this morning?to go collect the book, braved the throngs of people and endured the “similar to?Hello Kitty” queue and rushed back home before I woke up. And I slept blissfully through it all….and my mattress was just?by the side of his bed….amazing. Not to mention I was with him that day in Borders 3 weeks ago….I was wondering if he was having a terrible stomachache, cos he was stuck in the Border’s toilet for almost 15 min…He revealed today that he sneaked out and back in..right under my nose….talk about me being blur…and that idiot actually played the part of having a bad tummy ache so well, I never suspected a thing…darn…oh well I love him anyway.

The rest of the day seemed to fly by….cos he was busy getting ready to fly tonight. I packed his bag for him in half an hour flat; 7 books, tonnes of clothes, toiletries, medicine and latex rubber gloves for his lab…:P Judging from the way he packed his stuff the last time, he would never have packed all of that in. I barely managed….having stuffed socks in every nook and cranny. As the evening approached, we both seemed to get quieter and the enthusiasm of the morning seemed to wear off. As we made our way to the airport with his parents, I could feel my heart getting heavier. After dinner, we strolled ever so slowly to the departure gate. I could tell that his parents were reluctant for him to go as well.? When the final moment came…I had already gathered my composure….a final hug and he turned to leave. I should have gotten used to it but I guess I haven’t…it was heart-wrenching…another 8 weeks…and thats cos I’ll be flying over in Sep. how many times do we have to do this…over and over again.? I stood behind his parents and they stood there too, until he disappeared from view. His mum said “another 4 months” and his dad answered “Its for his career…maybe next year he might not have time to come back but we can go over…” That didn’t sound comforting to me at all…

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