Upheaval…I seem to be undergoing it in all sense of the word. First of all, we have just sold our house, which means lots of packing and that not so nice feeling of being uprooted from a comfortable place. Worse of all, we haven’t found a new place so for every weekend for about 3 weeks now, we’ve been going house hunting. I have lost count of the number of houses that?we have seen…we would probably have to rent a place first. And the packing is tedious. When I first started, I took a look at my puny room and was confident that I didn’t have much to start with anyway…but how wrong I was. I’ve packed 6 huge boxes and there’s still loads of stuff lying around and my two wardrobes still look crammed.

Amidst all that packing, my mum said that we probably can’t move during the 7th Month….and that would end around 14 Sep. And then it hit me that it was the date I planned to fly to Sydney….Not to mention I had Marketing Meeting on the 13 Sep, so I wouldn’t be able to take leave even if we could move earlier. What a mess. My mum wouldn’t be very happy if I was happy holidaying while they were moving house.? Plus, I haven’t booked my flight…and its only a month away. And the reason? Because I’m in the midst of a job change….

So the second possible upheaval is in my career. Just 3 weeks ago, my good pal from Uni called me and said he had?two job offers…the company that he turned down asked if he had anyone in mind who might be suitable for the job and he recommended me. So it started…the interviews…I went for 4 in all over a span of 2 weeks and its not easy trying to keep it from my boss cos some interviews were during my lunch break. If I get this job, it would be the next step up my career ladder, plus I get to travel and get some regional exposure. I was pretty excited about this new job until a call came last week from my dad’s friend. Now our families?have always been?pretty close…so when he offered me a post in his company….I was sorely tempted…because he wanted me to assist him in opening up the Australian market. That would mean frequent visits to Australia and extended stays there….plus he knows about Ty and that I’ve always wanted to find a job in Sydney. Catch is, he’s in logistics and joining him would mean moving out of Real estate and wasting those 2 years of training… I spent another week in a dilemma..weighing all my options and speaking to Ty, my family and friends….finally I came to a decision…a difficult one I must say… That if the new company offered me, I would take it instead of the job with my dad’s friend, despite how attractive the opportunity to be near to Ty was…. I spoke to him about it too and he respected my decision.

I would know their answer by this week…which would determine how many days leave I was to take to visit Ty…which would determine when I book my flight…so many things converging at the same time. I hope everything will fall into place soon…

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