A Short Update

It’s certainly been a long time since I’ve blogged but in my defence, I’ve been really busy since school started oh so many months ago.? But I’ve managed to snatch a brief respite after completing my torturous bit of project work to blog a bit about how things have been going.

Needless to say, my studies have taken over what little life I have as if they have grown tentacles grasping at every last patch of bare skin.? Yet reality isn’t as grim as the picture portrays it to be.? I am far from being strangled to death by tentacles, but I sometimes wonder how my peers cope.? The truth is that each course is just a brief 8 weeks, only that the end never seems near when you’re in the thick of it.? The fact that I actually like what I’m doing doesn’t hurt.? So perhaps I like being wrapped around but that doesn’t cease it from being overwhelming.

While not working, I occasionally take some time to do some real-world work with my muscles if only to feebly halt their atrophy.? But my lazy bones more often than not get the better of me and, well, let’s just say that despite my sedentry lifestyle, I surprisingly?haven’t fallen sick for a long time even though everyone seems to be falling ill.

I have also developed a keen interest in latin and have been aggressively studying it with my free time.? It is difficult, to say the least, to self study but I really don’t have the time to go for proper lessons or even the?financial means.? Nevertheless, I can make coherent sentences with a latin dictionary (tamen, sententias congruentes thesauro verborum facere possum), and evidently translate english to latin.? But the reason I’m working so hard on it is not because of my elitist or pretentious inclinations, but merely because it is practical.??And I’m not saying anatomy because that horse has been beaten to death and as I had discovered early in my pursuit, a grasp of its essential grammar is all that’s necessary, but because the vast majority of people don’t know much about it.? The practicality of that is obvious and I?really shouldn’t?elucidate.? The last sentence of this post will be in latin, as I suspect will most probably be the pattern in the future to hone my skills, and if anyone spots mistakes, as I tend to make many, please politely correct me.? Perhaps one day far away I’d be able to compose an entire post in latin.? One can dream.? I wish I could write more, sed labor vocat, tempus fugit et diem carpere debeo.

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