Fish and Fennel

I have some time right now, so I thought I’d write a bit.? Work is piling up but I’m hoping that that will be resolved once my increasingly irritating ethics assignment is done, which I don’t see happening in a while, which isn’t really good.? I think a mixture of its inherent difficulty and procrastination due to that is keeping me from making good progress, and I still have no idea how to start.? To “just do it” like Nike isn’t working this time?like it usually does.? And thus, I blog.

I’ve been experimenting with fish recently.? It’s good stuff and most importantly, makes me feel healthy even though some of my cooking methods aren’t.? But I’m not going to bother with such technicalities, it’s how I feel that matters anyway.? Not to mention how fun it is to slice up (fillet) a fish with my brand new knives.? I must admit, though, it was a tad freaky at the start because I’ve always had a phobia of fish.? I think I still do for those still swimming around, but I think I’m ok with the dead ones now.? Chopping things up sure takes fear away.

Anyway, I’ve discovered this amazing herb called the fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), which is native to the mediterranean region.? It’s really aromatic and sweet but I really don’t care much for its taste.? What I mean is that the leaves are totally ok as an herb but I think the bulb is another matter – it tastes a bit like toothpaste.? But despite that, it’s done incredible things for my digestive system.? If you wanna know what it does, just go get it and have a taste.? If you have it for dinner, you’ll probably feel its effects in the morning after, and man did it make me feel clean and happy.

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