Lang Lang Piano Recital

I didn’t start out as an ardent fan of classical music. In fact, I pretty much drfited in and out when I went to my first violin concert with Ty a long time back…and occasionally stifled that yawn. :P I’ve come a long way since then, after Ty started playing classical music in the car and got me hooked on Pachelbel in Canon D. Of course it helped that he plays the violin to me. :P

Nevertheless, the Lang Lang piano recital that I went with Joyce yesterday was an eye-opener.? Lang Lang, the piano genius in question, is 25, Chinese and looks like your regular taiwanese boy band, but when he sits behind that grand piano, Joyce and I dubbed him the Mad Pianist. Simply becos he’s playing with so much emotion that he’s practically bouncing on his seat, hair flying array, head bobbing so vigorously you would think he’s going to shake it off…and those fingers…amazing. They move with the speed of light and produce such heavenly notes.

Lang Lang started playing the piano at?3 and by 5, was doing his first public recital. Not to mention, he’s also the frst Chinese pianist to be engaged by the Berlin Philharmonic, the Vienna Philharmonic and other top American orchestras. These names sound foreign to me but Joyce went “WOW”!! So those must be some high level music societies.

Anyway the opening piece was Mozart’s Piano Sonata in C. I thought Lang Lang delivered that pretty well…light, fleeting, graceful. His next piece was Sonata No 3 in B minor by Chopin. For some reason,?I couldn’t relate very well?to that piece, so it kinda left me a bit flat….After the interval, he played Kinderszenen by Schumann, which I felt was not too bad. His last 2 pieces were Liszt and it was the last piece that really gripped me. It was Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 in C Sharp minor. Now that was what I called spectacular. The notes were powerful and he delivered it with so much emotion and concentration that I had goose pimples…I was utterly amazed at the dexterity?of his fingers. They literally flew over the entire keyboard at such high?speed and with perfect precision. ?And he ended the last note with such a dramatic pose: head and arms thrown back, that the audience gave him a standing ovation. Lang Lang was also sporting enough to play another 4 songs at the persistent cries of “Encore” from the audience.? For someone like me that doesnt have musical background (unless you count listening to the radio day and night..) Lang Lang’s recital proved to be an inspiring performance.

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