What started out as a regular salsa night at Xen ended with me getting mega hooked onto Tango!! It all started when I was downstairs waiting for Joyce to finish her training and I was introduced to this guy who?invited me to dance salsa but i couldnt follow his Cuban style very well. I later found out that he used to teach Tango at Xen and so he invited me for a Tango dance.

?Now that kinda freaked me out a little, cos the only time i did a bit of Tango was the short choreo we used to do at Xen…and i wasn’t particularly good at it. For the first dance, I struggled, cos I just couldn’t follow, couldn’t figure out what he wanted me to do…I was anticipating, guessing and kept looking down at his feet. I got a stern warning: Don’t look down (its rude to stare at the guy’s feet) and FOLLOW. He told me to move only when he moves me and that I?cannot shift my weight unless he moves me. So i just listened to the music and focused on the lead, which was very good, when I finally got used to it.

By the second song, I was totally into it and loved it!! I would have loved it more if it was Ty i was dancing with. Still, i was actually amazed that I could do the impromptu?stunts and poses by just following. At the end of the 3rd song, people were applauding. After the 4th and the 5th, I was hooked. Darn! I should have taken up Manfred’s offer to do a quick video for us. I would have loved to see klutzy me doing tango that was good enough to warrant some applause.? Anyway, I am going to work Ty when he comes back!! Tango, Rhumba, Cha cha and salsa!!

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