Cable car Sky Dining

Ty’s been back for a week and we’ve been spending some quality time together. He gave me a pleasant surprise when he drove us to Mount Faber to enjoy our first cable car dinner. It was something he?had planned to mark our 2nd year together. How time flies. I must say its really quite an experience to be eating on a moving enclosure that’s hovering almost 20-30 storeys above the ground.

We got on?our cable car at Mount Faber with a pre-set table, complete with a romantic table light and soft music in the background.? The first course – a light salmon salad appetizer, was served together with tomato soup.? And then we were off on our first round trip to Sentosa and back.? It was a little unnerving at first, cos our cable car was slightly tilted and the move off caused quite a bit of vibration so we had to hold onto our glasses. However, the view of the city made up for everything. And there was just something surreal about being isolated from the bustle of the city, cooped up in a tiny box with your other half and?having dinner in mid air.

The main course was served a little frantically, cos the waiters had to clear our plates, serve the main course, serve our wines and top up our water glasses while the cable car was still moving. I was a little amused when the friendly waitress beamed at us and said “Enjoy your meal! We’ll see you in half an hour’s time!” It kinda reminded me like those Formula One races where the car stops for repair/refuel etc and the entire team is in a frenzy to complete everything in record time..and then when they go “hands off”, the car zooms away for the next course…

Our last?course was brownie with vanilla sauce and a cup of hot?tea. Overall, the quality?of food was only average. They should have timed?the rounds better, cos the main course was only lukewarm when it was served. The brownie was also a bit?dry…a nice scoop of ice cream would seriously improve it. :P ?Still, I must say it was a very unique dining experience. I would probably recommend those who havent tried it before to go for it, but unless the quality of the food is substantially improved, I probably won’t go for a second round.

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