In Principio erat Verbum

I’m so vexed. My internet’s capped so even if I wanted to do work, I can’t… I am speaking of my gen ed course, which I have totally lost interest in, by the way, even though I’m anxious to get my weekly contribution done – mostly because if not, I’d fail or something bad. Note to self: no more stupid online courses. The course is called “Science and Religion” by the way, and the lectures are fine, some are really informative, some are interesting, but some are just trivial… My ‘beef’ (it’s been so long) has really been with the discussions which everyone’s supposed to take part in. Rather than an exchange of ideas, it’s become a chaotic slinging of mud. The tutorial group’s been polarised in to fundamentalist numbskulls and supposedly rational atheist nincompoops. One groups jumps on the other’s heresy and the another on the other’s idiocy. There’s a sort of childishness to all this – ‘I think I’m right, because I know I’m right, therefore I’m right’, and the ad hominems do nothing for each of their cases.

I assumed university students would have intellects befitting of university students, obviously, but apparently I was wrong. In principio creavit Deus caelum et terram eh, stulte? I wonder qui creator creatorem creaverit. Idem est praeter argumentum, quod vobis non est, caudices. Sex diebus mundus factus est a deo omnipotente? Malo vero credere Bob inepto ac dumbo, stulto ac asso qui tantum tempus perdidit mundum creandum…

I, however, would so love to read the Vulgata (and I want to get the new red hardcover with gold lettering edition) for its poetry and because it’s much lighter reading than say the Aeneid… But then it’s so expensive and no bookstore seems to carry it besides the shops in the Vatican, I believe… Which brings me to things I’d like to have, some of which haven’t been introduced to the market yet…

1. A brain chip for the storing of knowledge with or without an interface to the internet.
2. An ocular implant for page scanning.
3. E-Paper with colour for eBook reading.
4. All the books in the world in PDF format for abovementioned eBook reading, fully indexed and searchable.
5. A personal robotic assistant, i.e. a talking R2-D2.

So if anyone has any leads, please drop me a line…

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