I’m usually nodding off during my bus journey to work but this morning, I was unable to sleep…lost in a sea of melancholic thoughts. As I passed by the Esplanade and saw the white ‘wish balls’ floating on the surface of the water, I kinda realized that a year had passed since Ty and I stood under the fireworks last New Year’s Eve, watching those very same balls glowing with changing colours, carying the wishes of thousands of people. I recalled that exact moment when 2008 was gone forever and 2009 was filled with uncertainty and difficulties..not just about the economy and my job, but also of us…of another year apart…of all the long painful separations and fleeting reunions.

3 years into this long-distance relationship and the journey gets increasingly difficult, as the times we have together get progressively shorter. Its like scaling a mountain (not that I’ve actually scaled one…); the higher you climb, the steeper it gets and with each step you take breathing becomes so difficult.  Of course we get to rest once in a while…but hardly enough to catch our breaths back.  You just have to trudge on but you can’t do anything to make the climb easier or to make the bitter cold go away. It’s hard not to be frustrated when so many things are beyond your control.

All we can do is to store all these fleeting moments we have….Painstakingly we collect all these and keep them in our memories…and hope that they are enough to last the long winter ahead. Fessa sum sed pergo quo te amo.

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