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Ty has been nagging me (for years literally) to start blogging again, esp during Aug 2010 and May 2011 when I was in Sydney for a super long break; in other words: unemployed. But time indeed does go by in the twinkle of an eye. In the 10 months that I was in Sydney, we basically made up for lost time – all those years apart. Other than having to learn how to cook and clean, I also had a tough time trying to make use of all that time on my hands. I did pick up jewellery making or rather experimented with it after watching videos on youtube. Still, those months flew by and by May 11, I had to return to Singapore to find a job.

I was sad to leave Ty but I also missed home and my family and friends. Coming back was tough – It was like being back to the rat race and I was frantic to get a job, plus I had to face the prospect of maintaining our long-distance relatiosnhip again. Nevertheless, I do believe every cloud has a silver lining. On a fine Sunday morning in Sep 11, I had an unexpected guest: Ty, whom I thought was still in Sydney, appeared in my room (with the help of the entire family) right after I stepped out to go to the bathroom. When I saw him, I was stunned (confused even, for a moment); when he took out a small box, I knew; when he got down on one knee, my eyes glazed; when he proposed, I bawled and went speechless. Till today, he still tells me that I never answered his question; I merely nodded and yes, I stuck out my hand while he fumbled to put the ring on haha. Since then, I’ve been on cloud nine and am really excited on planning the wedding. I’ll prob post a later blog on wedding plans when things start to unfold faster. I’ll write more about our holidays to Hokkaido and the exotic island of New Caledonia the next time. :)

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