Last Lap

It’s end Sep; our wedding is in 3 mths, Ty is in the midst of his final exams and I’m mentally ticking off all the things to be done / prepared for the wedding. We are at the last lap of our 6-yr long -distance relationship and like in a marathon, the last lap is always the most taxing. It is good that Ty gives me free rein (most of the time) in the wedding preparations. I wouldn’t want to bother him excessively on minor details like the colour of the tablecloth, not when he’s already so stressed with his exams. While there are still many uncertain things ahead like where Ty will work after graduation or finding a house, it helps that we have each other as an anchor. It is just amazing how well we get along despite being opposite sides of a coin and that is something that I would never take for granted.

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