Birthday Reprise

Well my 20th birthday didn’t just fizzle away like that depressing post a few days ago.? Anyway, I’ll try to be optimistic about it.? Um…? I still can do everything I could (legally speaking)?when I was 19 and, well, nothing else actually.? Bah.?

Ok, being 20 sucks big time.? Oh, but wait, I got a Guess watch from lizzie which apparently cost her $200+ and I absolutely love it, and love her too, but that’s a given right?? And the presents didn’t just end there because she got me a book and a beautiful birthday card!? And lastly she brought these cute short fat candles to Bintan and attempted to light them up but unfortunately the air-con fan was a little too strong and we never got them all lighted.? But it was beautiful still!? Thanks lizzie!

And then I got myself an iPod Video – the 60GB one!? Yeap, now I can watch movies on the go and listen to the radio if I fork out another $88 and record people speaking (very useful for blackmailing hehe) if I import a microphone from the US because all the other microphones here only work for the previous iPods.? Anyway, these are things that I don’t have yet. *hint hint, there’s no bad luck in giving belated birthday presents*

Anyway, I’d really like to post pictures of?my?presents?here to spread the joy, so let me appeal to all you beautiful and benevolent people out there to get me a digicam so everyone reading this blog can get in on the joy!

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