Pulling out of the Performance

Its wed today, the day of the first performance. I should be excited but I’m not, cos we’re not going to be in it. Our decision to pull out of the performance was not easy and it was painful. But we were in such bad shape I didn’t think we would survive the intensive training. I was down with sore throat and a really nasty dry cough that left me in coughing fits in the middle of the night. I seem to have twisted my ankle too, cos it feels funny when I put my whole weight on it. Tien yew was nursing an overstrained arm?(due to all those stunts) and just as miserable with sore throat and flu.

?In addition, his driving practical test is this Fri and he has his Wed and Thurs evenings packed with driving lessons; which was as good as having no time to practice?at all. I don’t deny I’m a little disappointed but I would rather have Tien yew recovered and rested.

But that aside, we had a nice jap dinner at Sakae Sushi last evening and spent some quality time together. We probably haven’t done that for a while. So for this entire week, we’ll be hanging up our dancing shoes and hitting our beds a little earlier to try to get that elusive thing called Beauty Sleep.

Nevertheless I’m looking forward to seeing the rest perform on Fri outside the Indoor Stadium! We shall be part of the audience that night,?fascinated by those fast spins and flying salsa skirts. I already feel the urge to slip into my dancing shoes…and its only wednesday…*sighz*.. its going to be a long week…

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