New Driver in the House!

We have a newly certified driver in the house! Tien Yew just passed his driving test last Fri and he’s been happily driving me around in his dad’s car….with his dad in tow. So I’m sitting in the back seat with his mum and his dad is at the front giving him directions. Haha and his dad had assured me that this ‘probation’ period will last at most 2 weeks. Anyway I can’t believe anyone can pass with only 2 demerit points!! That’s obscene…and I thought my 10 points was not too shabby.

Well, I’m?really happy for him (and myself too hee..go figure :P ) cos he can now drive to camp and not have to wake up so early.??And we were told there was going to be another dance performance on 10?June! We’re definitely not missing this one! ;)

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