Back From the Break!

Yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and that’s because I’ve been so tired after all the salsa practice, plus the internet at work’s down so I can’t post as and when I like, which is quite a bummer sometimes.? Bah,?and it?seems like no one cares about?the internet connection?except me, I don’t know what’s taking them so long.? Sheesh, just turn on the server for goodness sakes or?call the vendor or something.??It’s NOT THAT HARD!? And no, I can’t?do anything about it because?it’s not?within my purview.? Bah, stupid organisation with stupid hierarchies and rules.?

Anyway, we just had a performance on Saturday and boy was I tired.? We didn’t have dinner before it and we were training all the way since the afternoon so by the time we were doing our last number, we both felt quite faint.? Well anyway, this Saturday will be our last performance for some time, I hope.? And then maybe we’d take some time off training.? Did I not mention that we’ve been training almost everyday for the past months?? It’s even come to the point that I sometimes dread walking up the stairs to Xen just because of the thought that I’d be trudging, feet-heavy down.?

Anyway, it’d be good to take a break and spend some time with lizzie, I think we’ve both been equally sucked dry of energy.? Oh, and yes, I can drive!? Freedom!? Haha, well, almost anyway.? 6 months 30 days to TOTAL freedom.? Yeap.? :D

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