Online Fashion

When it comes to shopping, most people would still prefer to see/feel/try what they like, before actually purchasing them. But for visual people like me, show me a picture of a model in a gorgeous dress and I’m ready to buy it…even without actually physically seeing the item, much less try it. What am I talking about? Online Shopping. One of my all-time favourite hobbies…bane or boon I’m not quite sure. I’ve spent quite a fair bit shopping online, but I’ve also made a business out of it.

I started experimenting with online shopping 4 years ago, at Yahoo Auctions. I’m not very particular with second hand stuff, so I got lots of good buys at really good prices. Most of these clothes were new or had only been worn a few times. As such, I could get really nice pieces from all my favourite brands such as ZARA, Mango, Topshop, etc, at a fraction of the retail price. Other than yahoo, I started looking at other online fashion websites, like Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Delias and my ultimate love: Victorias Secret. I just love Victorias Secret! They have really nice clothes/accesories/lingerie but as everyone knows, they also cost a bomb (and thats excluding the shipping costs to Singapore).

Being the shoppoholic that I am, I racked my brains for a way to get?this one particular dress?that I had been eyeing…at a much lower price. And I did…at ebay. After much sourcing and searching, I found this seller that was selling overstocked Victorias Secret items at reasonable prices. The only drawback was that the tags were snipped in half, to prevent people from returning them to the stores. Many of these pieces were new or had only slight defects like loose buttons or threads.?However, the shipping costs for just one item was very expensive and it?was cheaper if you bought more. I decided to buy a few pieces to lower the average shipping costs. And when the items arrived, I sold those I didn’t need in the local Yahoo Auctions…..and made quite a tidy profit. Thats was the start of my little Victorias Secret online biz.

Over the years, I brought in more and more pieces as my customer base grew. ?I conducted surveys to find out customers’ preferences and created a mailing list to inform them whenever I have new items. I have to say I’m very particular about good customer service and as a result, I have a pool of loyal customers who recommend me to their families and friends. Its a lot of work cos?its a one-man show. From the selection of every single piece, to the shipping, the packing, the uploading of all the pictures and descriptions, right down to delivery of the item, is done by me. But I enjoy doing this, simply because fashion is my passion. Definitely in the near future I would want to set up my own retail fashion business. For those of you who have read this article till this point and are interested in checking out my Victorias Secret items, you can go to my website! Happy browsing! :D

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