Leg Pain!!!

Ugh, I finally got myself off my butt and went running on Sunday, you know, to lose weight and get a healthy lifestyle.? But apparently I’ve been so out of shape that after running 3 km, I started to feel really nauseas and so I stopped.? Of course it didn’t help that I didn’t have breakfast before, haha, so it’s partly my fault anyway.? But the nausea went away pretty quickly only to be replaced by my poor aching leg muscles (what’s left of it after a year of slacking)!? Oh and it hurts with every step I take!? I wince with each step and just wanna give up every time I see a flight of stairs I have to climb.? Oh but I guess the pain won’t last for too long.? What worries me is whether I’ll have the discipline to continue this after I recover, which is in a few days thanks to lizzie’s massage last night!? Thanks lizzie!? I love you!

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