Salsa Intoxication

There are some days when I just cannot seem to dance….I call those days salsa slumps…but tonight was amazing. It started out as a usual evening at Xen, with lessons at 7 plus till nine. The belly dancing lesson with Yanqing was physically challenging….isolation is a killer…I probably would ache all over tomorrow, esp the abs…but technically muscles are forming, so I shouldn’t complain…haha…

We hung around till Joyce finished merengue class then we hit the dance floor with a vengeance. Today is one of those salsa high days…when?we can dance song after song without any drop in energy level or enthusiasm….and execute relatively decent moves and spins….but that’s always the case when I dance with Tien Yew, cos he’s the best lead ever!!

Anyway, the salsa music and beat was in sync with the beating of our hearts and you could just feel the fever in your blood…..yup I usually experience that after 16 spins at one go (yay! I finally discovered the secret of multiple turns…). Tien yew and myself were dancing on2?so much, that I had difficulty switching back to on1. Still I had so much fun tonight!

And now my feet are aching…I’ve got some cuts on my feet from the shoe strap and I’ll probably ache big time tomorrow. I’m gonna hit the bed soon…but not before I get on the phone….. :)

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