In my attempt to start losing weight, I’ve taken up running.? If you can remember, I did blog about my first attempt the Sunday before.? Well that ended with me having aching legs for the good part of the week, leaving me quite immobilised and unable to continue any more running sessions.? So that was quite a failure, or so I thought.

Last Sunday’s run was amazing!? Yes, sure I felt the tiredness and nausea set in due to my relatively unfit state, but I woke up yesterday morning without a single aching muscle!? Amazing isn’t it?? I still ran the same distance, but on a tougher route yet as of now, I feel no pain.? I wonder what made the difference, because I have never ever not felt an ache after exercise in my entire life, and that’s quite somthing considering that I’ve been playing badminton competitively since my?primary school days.?

By the way, running on an empty stomach helps in burning more fat right?? Or at least till your body starts cannibalising on itself.? Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing.? I can’t last as long but man, the feeling after completing the run is good.? I feel like I’ve burnt so much fat.

Anyway, I’ll be running tonight again, and hopefully there won’t be muscle aches tomorrow morning.

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